Statement from Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association:

“The confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a decisive victory in the effort to restore authentic constitutionalism and the rule of law to the Supreme Court. Judge Barrett is an extraordinarily accomplished scholar and jurist who has made it eminently clear that she believes a judge must apply the law as written as opposed to legislate one’s personal views from the bench. She is exactly the kind of judge that the American people elected President Trump to appoint. She is also the kind of role model who has balanced generosity at home with achievement in the workplace that America’s girls and women have been looking for. We have high hopes in her future as America’s next Supreme Court justice and we thank the president for putting her forward without flinching and the Senate for confirming her without faltering.”

Statement from Dr. Grazie Christie, Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association:

“The confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is great news for all Americans who prefer a fair and independent judiciary to an activist one. Judge Barrett has demonstrated that she will equally apply the law to everyone who comes before her and faithfully interpret the Constitution as written. Her profound knowledge of the law is only matched by her exemplary character. She is a role model for women and girls who aspire to reach the highest levels of accomplishment. Chairman Graham, Leader McConnell, and President Trump are to be commended for choosing and confirming such an excellent nominee.”