By Grazie Christie

This year, I had the usual resolutions all made and ready for 2018. I was going to start exercising regularly, and my desk was going to be clean and orderly all the time, not just occasionally. But I cheerfully ditched these minor goals when I received my review copy of Father Roger J. Landry’s fabulous new book, “Plan of Life.” Father Landry is a priest of the Diocese of Fall River, Mass., currently working for the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations.

His book was a timely reminder for me that being a Christian is not primarily about doing the right thing, but about becoming the right person. And the right person is the perfect, divine idea that filled the heart of God when he created each of us. The obstacles seem insurmountable: our hectic modern lives, complicated relationships and especially our too-fallen natures. Yet it is absolutely essential that we actively cooperate with grace — and allow the process of transformation that began with our baptism to continue.

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