TCA Statements on U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

July 9, 2018 “In nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice, President Trump has once again delivered on his promise to send a fair and independent constitutionalist judge to our nation’s highest court. Kavanaugh is a man of integrity with…

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TCA Statements on NIFLA v. Becerra

June 26, 2018 “The Supreme Court has delivered another resounding win for freedom, this time upholding the right of pro-life pregnancy centers to decline to speak on behalf of the state to promote abortion.  The state of California, in a classic example of compelled speech, sought to…

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FOX News: Supreme Court NIFLA decision is major victory for pro-life groups and women, vindication for First Amendment

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer Tuesday’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision overturning a California law that required pro-life pregnancy centers to provide women with information about abortion is a victory for the First Amendment, for women seeking support during their pregnancies, and for the pregnancy centers. Read the…

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Washington Post: An unfair First Amendment restriction by Metro

By Ashley McGuire and Andrea Picciotti-Bayer If you live or work in the Washington, at one point or another, you’ve no doubt found yourself behind, next to or on a bus, staring at some giant advertisement for the latest gadget or the newest Netflix series….

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Trump’s new rule: Title X isn’t welfare for Planned Parenthood

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer In order to best serve the needs of low-income women and their families, the federal government earlier this year refined its criteria for Title X family planning grants. The purpose of this reform was to attract community-based clinics by expanding the scope…

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TCA Statements on Title X Planned Parenthood Defunding

May 18, 2018 “Americans don’t want their hard-earned tax dollars paying for abortions, a fact polling consistently confirms. In redirecting Title X funding to nonviolent women’s health centers, the government ensures that the needs of low income women will continue to be served without lining…

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Book Review: The Eight Doors of the Kingdom: Meditations on the Beatitudes

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer Father Jacques Philippe has authored yet another insightful book on faith and the interior life — this time addressing the mystery of the beatitudes. The Eight Doors of the Kingdom: Meditations on the Beatitudes opens for readers each of the “doors” to everlasting happiness Christ…

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RealClearPolitics: When the State Stands Between Parents and Child

By Maureen Malloy Ferguson The core question at the heart of the wrenching case of gravely ill British toddler Alfie Evans is “Who decides?”  Alfie’s parents’ wishes for his care have been overruled by the hospital and the British courts, and a very ugly public…

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TCA Statements on Alfie Evans Case

April 26, 2018 “It’s confusing and disappointing to see the Catholic leadership in the U.K., both the bishops and lay leaders like Austen Ivereigh of Catholic Voices U.K., abandon Catholic social teaching and split from the Pope by defending the government instead of Alfie and his…

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RealClear: The Women’s March and A Sordid Story

By Ashley McGuire   No. That’s about all there is to say in response to the official Women’s March Twitter page, which decried the federal government’s move to seize and shut down, a multibillion-dollar internet human trafficking platform. Except that there is so much more…

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