In an article published by Newsweek, TCA’s Ashley McGuire advocates for more available pro-life safety nets from legislators and communities in her article titled “Women Need A Pro-Life Safety Net—Not More Pressure To Abort.” She writes:

When I think of forced abortions, I think of totalitarian regimes like China or North Korea. Not the American Midwest. And yet a deceptive ballot initiative in the Buckeye State threatens to create a regime where women will feel increased pressure to abort, with existing safeguards stripped away.

The year since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision has given the American people a voice and a choice in their state’s abortion laws for the first time in half a century. The result has been, unsurprisingly, a wide variety of policies that range from protecting babies once a heartbeat can be detected to allowing abortion on demand for any reason on the taxpayer’s dime until the moment of birth.

But the pro-abortion movement has been pivoting to a political strategy that circumvents voter choice altogether, ironically under the guise of voter choice. The strategy is to gather enough signatures to put a broadly worded ballot initiative directly in front of voters to permanently enshrine an extreme right to abortion. Buried in the fine print is the kicker: once passed, the proposed amendment prevents voters, either directly or through their legislators, from passing any kind of law that in any way protects girls and women or the unborn in the future. Existing health and safety standards for women will be null and void, as would parental consent or even notification provisions. Voters are essentially tricked into removing themselves from the democratic, legislative process on abortion.

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