In an article published by the National Review, TCA’s Ashley McGuire writes about Cardinal Raymond Burke’s most recent rebuke from Pope Francis in her article titled, “Is a Model Catholic Cardinal Being Sidelined by His Church?” She writes:

There are the reports that one hopes are not true but that one knows probably are. Such is the rumor out of Rome that Cardinal Raymond Burke is to be stripped of his apartment and salary. The news, based on anonymous sourcing, is already being reported by the Associated Press. If it bears out, Catholics will be surprised and saddened.

It will be especially disappointing for Catholics who have been looking to Rome these past weeks as the Vatican held the first of its two-part Synod on Synodality, whose professed aim is to bring about greater unity within a church plagued by division and rancor. No matter where Catholics fall on the fault lines, we are all weary of the controversy and division that seem to characterize every piece of news we read about the church. This news of Cardinal Burke will be just more of the same.

To be sure, controversy has stalked Cardinal Burke his entire career. Not because he went looking for it but because, in our clickbait culture, it goes looking for the types that don’t toe the popular line. His unwavering commitment to church truths and to preserving the transcendent beauty of her liturgy is the stuff of good bogeyman pieces.

It’s also the stuff of revitalizing the church with young converts, of whom I am one. “Everywhere I go, I find a significant number of young couples with children, of young single people, young priests who treasure their tradition,” Burke said in an interview  with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat in 2019. “They’re on fire. And I don’t find young people who buy this agenda of accommodation to the world. The younger people, they’ve experienced the bankruptcy of the culture. . . . And they want a church that teaches them clearly the way to eternal salvation, the way to lead a good and decent life on earth.”

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