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Prioritizing refugees

Lawmakers, having returned to Washington after Thanksgiving recess, are again taking up the question of resettling Syrian refugees in the United States.  This issue cries out for a solution that balances security concerns with our humanitarian impulse to help those in such dire need. The…

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Planned Parenthood’s Unsatisfying Defense Of The Indefensible

Any mother remembers that moment in the delivery room (or during the sneak peak at the 20-week ultrasound) when her doctor announces after months of suspense, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” This is one of the most joyful moments of a mother’s life….

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Fetal tissue and dodging dems

In the wake of a third undercover video revealing the details of Planned Parenthood’s collection of fetal parts, it’s revealing to consider the reactions of Washington’s top three Democrats. President Obama has not even commented.  Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) read hesitatingly from a carefully prepared…

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Assisted suicide debate: Our laws should protect the most vulnerable among us

Our family spent days at the bedside of my beloved mother-in-law as she lay dying at Johns Hopkins hospital. She had been diagnosed with advanced bone marrow cancer four years earlier, and now her doctors told us her death was certainly imminent. She was unconscious…

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The 20-week Abortion Ban and Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis

The 20-week ultrasound in our first pregnancy began as a joyful event, but quickly turned into one of those punched-in-the-gut experiences. After our peek at the baby’s profile and his 10 little toes, the technician became stone-faced as the ultrasound wand moved to our baby’s…

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Pope Francis, one year later — calling us to a deeper faith

Standing in St. Peter’s square one year ago amid the euphoria at the installation mass of Pope Francis, an NBC News microphone was suddenly in my face, with a reporter asking my thoughts on our new pope.  My response, based on the little I knew…

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