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Will Public School Closures Force Private (Catholic) Schools to Follow?

As the new school year approaches, many public schools are announcing that they are remaining closed for in-person classes and instead opting for virtual learning. However, as TCA’s Ashley McGuire points out, it seems that private schools are being forced to shut down as well…

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TCA’s Ashley McGuire Calls Out Kamala Harris for Anti-Catholic Bullying

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has defined itself with its anti-Catholic bullying, and with the recent announcement of Kamala Harris running as VP under Joe Biden, it seems like this sentiment will only grow stronger. As TCA’s Ashley McGuire has stated, Kamala Harris…

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Trump Admin Should Relieve Doctors, Hospitals of Obama-Era Initiative

By Grazie Christie The Trump Administration issued a new guidance that reverses the Obama-era directive requiring schools to allow children suffering from gender dysphoria to use the restroom of their choice, regardless of their sex. The Trump Administration should likewise relieve doctors and hospitals from a similar…

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New year, same dedication—2017 is bright for the pro-life movement

Pro-choice activists thought the pro-life movement would still be staggering backwards after taking a devastating blow in the Supreme Court’s ruling in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt. The surprise election of Donald Trump, however, has swung the door wide open for the pro-life movement. Trump reiterated…

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