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Prioritizing refugees

Lawmakers, having returned to Washington after Thanksgiving recess, are again taking up the question of resettling Syrian refugees in the United States.  This issue cries out for a solution that balances security concerns with our humanitarian impulse to help those in such dire need. The…

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Syria is hellhole for all Syrians, but Christians less likely to make it to safety

Recent violence in Paris and now Mali has set off a storm of anxious discussion and disagreement about how best to help the Syrian refugees. The arguments rage on TV between pundits and politicians, but also across American dinner tables, with people of good faith…

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Don’t remove the statue of Junipero Serra

I can’t help it. When I’m in Washington, D.C., and I walk past a monument to some brave fallen soldiers, a statue of a brave revolutionary war hero, or a momentous sepia toned document, I’m deeply moved. Like any American, I’m proud to be associated…

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In its abortion advocacy, ACLU pretends to challenge Catholic Church

  Young women and girls who have illegally crossed the border, in many cases trafficked and abused, may soon find themselves without the tender and familiar help of the Catholic Church. The ACLU is suing the federal government, irate at the fact that Catholic charities…

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