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In Rush to Expand Abortion Pill Access FDA Puts Women in Danger says TCA’s Dr. Christie

Dr. Grazie Christie, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association, issued the following statement regarding today’s oral argument in the Supreme Court case of FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine: “It is alarming that the Food and Drug Administration has placed politics above the health and…

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TCA’s Maureen Ferguson Advises Parents How to Keep Children Safe from the Lurking Dangers of Smartphones

In a February 15th article published by Newsweek, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson writes about the myriad of dangers smartphones present to our youth and how parents must take bold steps to protect their children, in her article titled “Parents, Here’s How We Can Protect Kids From…

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Dr. Christie’s Fox News Article Covers New Approach to Teen Mental Health Crisis

In an article published by Fox News, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie explores new bipartisan initiatives towards teen mental health in her article titled “This Florida approach to an alarming teen crisis is a paradigm shift.” She writes: The Centers for Disease Control’s recent report on…

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