Politics and religion tend to clash whenever they get involved with one another. However, with the looming election, it’s almost impossible to talk about one without at least acknowledging the other. Religious followers could use guidance as to what direction to vote, which is why Dr. Grazie Christie of The Catholic Association has shared her findings on why supporting President Trump’s re-election is important for Catholics.

As Dr. Christie indicates, it’s the history of the Trump Administration’s actions that has earned her vote as a Catholic follower and figurehead.

“It’s clear that any advancement toward building a just and peaceful society starts with a firm, uncompromising commitment to uphold the dignity of every human person — even when this conflicts with popular opinion. The politics of human dignity include many issues – hunger, poverty, employment, healthcare, and racism. But, in a society where more than 60 million American lives have been ended legally since Roe v. Wade, it is obvious to me that the defense of the lives of unborn innocents must be front and center.”

Aside for the Trump Administration’s staunch and unwavering pro-life policies, there is a long list of accomplishments that will make Catholics all across the country want to re-elect Trump next week. Such accomplishments include: staffing the Supreme Court with three new justices who will uphold the law and constitution, being the first U.S. president to attend the March for Life in person, and much more.

President Trump has proven himself to be someone who not only says that he cares about life, but that he will use his power to continue to save lives, proving him to be the ideal Catholic candidate.

Read more about Dr. Christie’s thoughts here: https://townhall.com/columnists/graziepozochristie/2020/10/28/support-for-trump-n2578947