By Grazie Christie

One of the most effective initiatives of today’s pro-life movement is the crisis pregnancy center. There are more than 3,000 of these facilities across the country, staffed mostly by female volunteers who want to provide effective help to women who otherwise might abort their children.

It is not enough for these volunteers to vote for pro-life politicians and protest in front of abortion clinics. No, they want to show their love toward all the actors in the drama — mother, child and father — in a personal and human way, hoping for an outcome that preserves a life and strengthens a family.

These centers are gall and wormwood to abortion activists. They especially dislike my own contribution to the rescue effort: fetal ultrasound. I donate my time at several centers to read the studies that are done at no cost, for any woman who walks in the door. The pro-abortionists are right to be afraid of our work.

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