By Maureen Ferguson

The “Unity Tour” featuring Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez has revealed a seismic realignment in the Democratic Party on the issue of abortion. For the mere offense of campaigning with a candidate for mayor of Omaha, who had once expressed a scintilla of pro-life sentiment, Perez took a multi-day public lashing from the abortion lobby and was forced to issue a statement that said the candidate had been whipped into line and “now shares the Democratic Party’s position on women’s fundamental rights. Every candidate who runs as a Democrat should do the same…. Period.”

How’s that for tolerance? Nancy Pelosi had a telling response when asked by Chuck Todd if you can still be a Democrat if you are pro-life. A hesitant “yes” was followed by, “I have served for many years in Congress with Members who have not shared my… position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”

Note Pelosi’s use of the past-tense. There was a time, not so long ago in the Clinton Administration, when 99 House Democrats voted for the Hyde Amendment.

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