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The moral case for abortion ”grows ever weaker”

Even the Washington Post, as protective of “abortion rights” as it is institutionally, occasionally allows a shaft of truth to shine through. I’d like to talk about a short story written for today’s paper by Juliet Eilperin which was accompanied by a graphic, which, while…

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March for Life Speaker Ryan Bomberger Highlights Adoption as Alternative to Abortion

A man whose biological mother was the victim of rape, yet courageously chose to continue her pregnancy, has made his life’s work ensuring that every child in America has the same opportunity he was given. The 41st annual March for Life celebrated Adoption: A Noble…

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Always on the side of life

A 6-inch layer of snow blanketed the nation’s capital during a winter snowstorm on Tuesday, but that didn’t stop tens of thousands of pro-life advocates from converging Wednesday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for the 41st annual March for Life. Activists from all…

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An Op Ed Loaded with Oversimplifications about Abortion & Adoption

I’ve avoided writing about abortion for a while. It’s an issue tangential to my core concerns around disability, reproductive technology, and faith. The topic brings out the worst in some commenters. But this op ed on abortion, published by USA Today, was so chock full of poor word choices, faulty…

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Choose adoption, not abortion

Next week, the yearly March for Life will take place at our nation’s capital. Hundreds of thousands of tremendously dedicated people will march, probably in horribly frigid weather, and some from very far away. The media will politely avert their gaze, as will most of…

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MLK Is Much Needed In This Utilitarian Age, To Remind Us We Are All Wanted

Last week I had the conversation about race I’ve come to expect with each of my young children around Martin Luther King Day. This time it was with my six year old daughter Lourdes. As we waited for her 8 year old brother to be…

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Where abortion opponents—and backers—rule, in five maps

By now it’s become clear that states, rather than Capitol Hill, have become the true battleground for abortionpolicy. But what has been a little less obvious is how outnumbered abortion rights advocates are compared to their foes when it comes to unified control of state…

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No Room in Polite Society for Anti-Catholic Contempt

Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s recent ruling, issuing a stay on the fines for the Little Sisters of the Poor, struck some people in violent ways. One blogger, Jamie Stiehm writing for U.S. News, seems to think that Sotomayor outed herself as that most crass and small minded…

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‘U.S. Government’ Knows Catholic Theology Better Than Little Sisters of the Poor

Whatever are you to do when you’re a journalist who favors Team Obama but the administration is going up against an underdog that you’d have to be a monster to hate: the Little Sisters of the Poor. Well, you simply call the Obama administration the…

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