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RealClearPolitics: Omar Errs in Her Views on Women — and Religious Belief

By Ashley McGuire Rep. Ilhan Omar is developing quite a track record for demonizing entire swaths of America, and her latest target is religious pro-lifers. In a several minutes-long rant better suited to “Mean Girls” than the floor of the House of Representatives, the freshman Democrat…

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Catholic Herald UK: America Comment Iraq’s Christians are slowly coming home, but they face grave new threats

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer Saly and Rahma are like so many young American university students. In their second year at Catholic University, these two young women are serious students, thoughtful and articulate. They talk excitedly about their chosen majors and their plans for the future. Both…

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Examiner: How to destroy nursing’s sacred covenant, with one bad decision

By Grazie Pozo Christie Proponents of assisted suicide have been so successful in decriminalizing it that, today, one in five Americans lives in a jurisdiction that allows the practice. Proponents want doctors’ and nurses’ professional associations to reject the Hippocratic oath’s command to “do no…

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Washington Post: The stark divide on abortion legislation

By Ashley McGuire The Washington Post, April 30, 2019, Pg. A20, Letters to the Editor The April 24 editorial on abortion legislation offered only one statistic to claim that polling is trending pro-choice and overlooked many other data points that suggest the opposite. In particular,…

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CNS News: What Kind of Feminism, Empowerment, ‘Choice’ Is It to Push Legalization of Prostitution?

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer A group of New York State lawmakers want to make prostitution legal in the Empire State.  Not to be out done by her “progressive” sisters and brothers, California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris has made prostitution decriminalization a platform plank in her campaign for the Democratic…

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The Hill: An infanticide question awaits the Democratic nominee in 2020

By Maureen Ferguson Most abortions are successful in achieving their end. Women become un-pregnant. Occasionally, though, a complication can occur in which a woman becomes un-pregnant, but the baby is unexpectedly born alive. What then? Abortion survivors, like Melissa Ohden, were on Capitol Hill this week…

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RealClearReligion: The Catholic Church Must Strive For Virtue in Light of Sex Abuse

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer The Vatican dismissed the former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the clerical state for his sexually abusive behavior. Has the Catholic Church put the great scandals of 2018 behind it? Hardly. The McCarrick case is about more than McCarrick’s grave failings as a…

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TCA Statements on Title X Regulations

February 22, 2019 “The new Title X regulations are a long-overdue clarification that abortion is not family planning. There are countless women’s health centers around the country that provide healthcare to needy and vulnerable women without violently ending innocent life. Poll after poll makes clear…

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Washington Examiner: Survivors of late-term abortion are grown up and speaking out

By Maureen Ferguson Nothing speaks louder in the ongoing debate over late-term abortion than a crying newborn baby, particularly a baby who was accidentally born alive after an attempted abortion. The voices of these abortion survivors are very powerful. Now adults, they have been speaking out to tell…

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Examiner: Kathy Tran cares more for butterflies than babies in the womb

By Maureen Ferguson Butterflies and babies. Both are beautiful. Both develop in miraculous ways. A butterfly emerges after about 12 days in a cocoon, where it began as a caterpillar. A baby takes a little longer, emerging from the womb after about 40 weeks of…

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