In an article published by Fox News, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie explores new bipartisan initiatives towards teen mental health in her article titled “This Florida approach to an alarming teen crisis is a paradigm shift.” She writes:

The Centers for Disease Control’s recent report on teen mental health should greatly alarm every American. While adults have been bowed down by the many challenges we’ve collectively faced these last few years, our young people have been utterly crushed.

In 2021, a full 42 percent of high school students experienced depression, or persistent feelings of sadness, and 22 percent seriously considered suicide.

In Florida, bipartisan consensus has emerged addressing this very grave crisis with some bold new initiatives.

Schools in Florida now offer a training program for students and teachers called Teen Mental Health First Aid, so they can not only understand and recognize “symptomatic behavior” in teens but also know how to help the sufferer and direct them to a responsible adult for care. This program creates ready “first responders” for teens facing mental health challenges or even a crisis.

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