In an article published by Angelus News, TCA’s Grazie Pozo Christie describes the value and beauty of ‘villancicos’ during advent season in her article titled “The theology of Christmas ‘villancicos’”. She writes:

I spend every Advent preparing my Nativity, like a bird feathering her nest.

It is spread on a console table before the front door, and I fuss and fuss with it, moving kings and shepherds to just the right spots, and turning the Virgin Mary so that her gaze seems to fall on the little empty crib. I like to listen to “villancicos,” or Spanish Christmas songs, while I work. There are no magical reindeer in these songs, and no jolly wonderworker delivering toys to children who already have too many of them.

There is, instead, an encounter with the intense humanity of the scene in Bethlehem: A real man, harried and haunted, a real woman, heavy with God, a real baby, blue with cold.

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