By Grazie Pozo Christie

A new Marist poll shows a sharp jump in the percentage of Democrats that identify as pro-life, compared to just a month ago. The numbers are impressive: 34 percent of them now identify as pro-life, up from 20 percent, with a simultaneous drop in pro-choice identification from 75 to 61 percent.

Democrats who are ideologically committed to abortion rights as a defining value of their party, Democrats happy to have the party in lockstep with groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, are being told not to panic, that this is just a meaningless statistical blip. But is it?

No holds barred abortion advocates should panic. As New York and liberal copycat states rush to enshrine extreme abortion license into state statutes, their abortion wish list is being exposed like so much dirty laundry. And regular good-hearted Americans are wincing at the sight.

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