This holiday season, numerous states across the country are enacting strict guidelines in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, with California imposing some of the strictest measures. However, it seems that Governor Gavin Newsom is not adhering his own guidelines, as evidenced by recent sightings of him at a local restaurant.

Governor Newsom was seen dining with a dozen fellow elites, all sitting within inches of each other and not properly practicing mask or social distancing measures. This has led to many people calling out not only his hypocrisy, but also that of other politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who have violated guidelines.

What’s infuriating about the actions of Newsom and others is that they are trying to impose the harshest penalties on social situations that should be protected by the Constitution – namely religious worship. In California, some areas can only host a religious services outside with no more than 12 attendees. Meanwhile, restaurants and corporate chains can continue to operate unhindered without fear of prosecution.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain ruled that the Constitution allows for the government to impose restrictions in favor of protecting public health against threats, but it does not allow States to pursue more aggressive restrictions against religious practices more than similar secular activities – such as eating at a restaurant.

The actions by Governor Newsom and his fellow politicians indicate that the rules apply to all those but themselves, which is angering citizens all across the country, especially as we enter the holiday season where people are being forbidden from seeing their own family. People have been adhering to these guidelines for months, and seeing politicians not practicing what they preach is undermining not just the efforts to preserve public health, but also the confidence that we have for our leaders.

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