The Supreme Court is set to hear a landmark abortion case this fall and The Catholic Association filed a brief in defense of the state of Mississippi’s law defending vulnerable preborn children against violent later-term abortions.

Several outlets covered the brief, co-authored by TCA’s Policy Advisor, Dr. Grazie Christie, herself a radiologist who does voluntary ultrasound work at a pregnancy resource center.

National Review focused on the brief’s unique use of 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds to emphasize unborn children’s humanity.

Grazie was quoted in a Catholic news article pointing out the “tremendous change and advancement in the science” that has occurred since Roe v. Wade. “There is really no mystery to the fact that at 15 weeks the fetus is very much alive and very human,” she said. “It used to be thought that a baby couldn’t feel pain until the third trimester, now, we know it could be as early as 12 weeks.”

Other outlets, such as the Christian Post, highlighted TCA’s unique amicus brief as well.