A recent Marist poll showed that about 8 out of 10 Americans support substantial restrictions on abortion. This includes 6 out of 10 who say they are pro-choice! This shows that U.S. abortion law as it stands is already out of sync with a typical American’s thoughtful appreciation of what’s at stake. Hillary Clinton has stated clearly that the Hyde Amendment should be scrapped—thus forcing those who morally object to abortion into paying for it. Both Clinton and her party’s platform have abandoned religious liberty and conscience rights when it comes to this ethically divisive procedure, condemning the idea that employers can object to paying for abortifacients through their healthcare plans. Pro-choice politicians who act as though it is a moment of pure “woman’s liberation” when one of these children’s lives is ended are simply ignoring not only reality but the opinions and values of most Americans, even most pro-choice Americans.

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