One of the biggest challenges that Joe Biden has been facing since his campaign started is how he would appeal to his Catholic voters. Since he started running, he’s been trying to portray himself as a faithful Catholic, but his actions have proven otherwise.

In the 2016 election, Trump was recognized for winning the overall Catholic vote, and in this election, Biden is expected to challenge him for this audience. However, critics believe that Biden is merely Catholic in name.

Some of Biden’s questionable actions include challenging the Little Sisters of the Poor’s refusal to provide abortion drugs under their healthcare plans. He has also been known to take swipes at admirable women in the Catholic Church, and his vice president pick Kamala Harris is also recognized for being an anti-Catholic bully who has tried to smear notable Catholic charities like the Knights of Columbus.

Finally, Biden’s overall stance on abortion could be the breaking point that could repel Catholic voters. The abortion industry has long supported the Democratic Party, and Biden himself has shown that he will support a pro-abortion stance and take large legislative steps toward normalizing it in the United States.

This Tuesday, Catholic voters may be conflicted about which candidate to choose, but they will need to take a long, hard look at the nominees’ past actions to see which ones will best look out for their interests.


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