For many years, Catholic schools have proven to be excellent lifelines for children from underprivileged families all over the United States. As citizens prepare to vote this upcoming presidential election, it’s important for everyone to know just how important school choice is in terms of societal and individual benefits.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is currently being endorsed by teachers’ unions who feel that he will make massive strides in supporting a public school system, which not only has underperformed for millions of students, but has also contributed to racial disparities all over the US. These unions want better funding for an institutional culture that just doesn’t produce the same results as a private school system.

Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump has made one of his second-term agenda promises to provide school choice for every child in America. President Trump backs this claim up with his history of supporting parochial schools throughout his tenure. In 2017, the Trump administration expanded tax-deferred more than 500 education savings accounts to be used for parochial schools, and just this past year, the President has insisted that private schools receive Covid-19 aid, just like their public counterparts.

Education is of vital importance, and the quality of that education falls on our current leadership. That is why it’s so important for voters to consider both candidates’ stances on school choice when they enter the polls this November.

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