President-elect Joe Biden recently selected Janet Yellen as the first woman to serve as the Secretary of the Treasury. What many people, especially Democrats, may not realize is that Yellen and her husband, George Akerlof, are known for explicitly criticizing social policies for economic devastation they’ve caused for both women and their families.

In 1996, the couple co-authored an article whose adaptation is entitled, “New mothers, not married: Technology shock, the demise of shotgun marriage, and the increase in out-of-wedlock births.” In this paper, they both criticized the impact of abortion and contraception, along with the rise in single motherhood, for their impact on family stability as well as the economy.

If Yellen is confirmed in her appointment, it will be a refreshing change of pace knowing that such an independent thinker will be serving in such a high position. Her understanding of the connection between family and economy is what could put reassurance in the minds of many Republicans who are unsure of the upcoming Biden presidency.


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