A recent case that has gone before the Supreme Court is pitting religious liberty against same-sex marriage regarding foster care.

In newly-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s first hearing, Philadelphia officials have decided that if Catholic Social Services, following its firm belief in traditional marriage, did not place children with same-sex couples, it could be held liable for discrimination against gays.

The Catholic agency, which has indicated that it would instead refer same-sex couples to other foster agencies, has stated that no gays have ever come to them seeking assistance. US Deputy Assistant Attorney General Hashim Mooppan has defended Catholic Social Services by demonstrating how there are dozens of foster agencies all across Philadelphia that will happily serve gay couples. Unfortunately, the idea of the Catholic agency turning them away alone was enough for the city to restrict their ability to provide foster care services.

This has proved to be a very controversial case that many believe is giving too much control to the government, and forcing a Catholic institution to go against its beliefs to carry out a beneficial service that it’s been doing for more than 200 years. Catholic advocates, especially foster parents in Philadelphia, have expressed their fear and anger over Catholic Social Services having their foster program shut down.

Senior Fellow Maureen Ferguson writes, “For 200 years, Philadelphia’s Catholic Social Services tirelessly rescued the suffering children trapped in foster care by placing them in loving homes. In a politicized and heavy-handed decision, the city of Philadelphia excluded Catholic Social Services and their partner families from its foster care program, leaving 250 children in limbo awaiting a foster home.”

Ferguson has also concluded that this trend of governments cracking down on religious foster agencies can be the beginning of a disturbing trend across the United States, and that it’s important for the Supreme Court to adamantly defend religious liberty in future hearings.

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