In an article published by The Washington Times, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson talks about Mike Lee’s book, Saving Nine. She writes:

In 1983, then-Sen. Joe Biden called packing the Supreme Court a “bonehead idea.” But on the debate stage in 2020, candidate Biden refused to answer questions about court-packing, and as president, he has entertained calls from the liberal wing of his party for Supreme Court “expansion” or “reform” (as we are now expected to call it). How did such an idea go from “bonehead” to progressive priority?

In a new book, “Saving Nine,” Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican, both poses and answers this question. He provides a comprehensive chronology of court-packing efforts stretching back to the New Deal and demonstrates why court-packing remains a boneheaded notion. Mr. Lee — a constitutional expert who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee and clerked at the Supreme Court for Justice Samuel Alito — ably sifts through historical practice and principle to make the case for “saving nine.”

With “Saving Nine,” Mr. Lee makes a timely contribution to our political discourse, drawing upon his deep experience working in and around the legislative and judicial branches. Let us hope our president and enough leaders in Congress will continue to see court-packing for what it still is: “boneheaded.”

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