More Babies, Not Less

Children are an asset to society- not a drain, as climate scaremongers would have us believe. 

On a recent National Public Radio show, Travis Rieder from John Hopkins University stated “maybe we should protect kids by not having them.” The idea behind this is that a climate catastrophe is closely upon us. Rieder proposed that rich nations could lead the way and reduce our current birth rate by 0.5 children per woman, and suggested that the government encourage the process by “penalizing new parents.”

These ghastly ideas are meant to promote a radical small-family ethic. They discount the benefits and joys of having numerous children. By having children we are also helping to maintain a healthy proportion of young and old people in our population. Demographic nightmares are much more likely to come from the lack of children than a surplus. What we need now is not more cold water thrown on the young couples who have the hope, faith and gumption to bless themselves with the joy of children, but novel and intriguing ways to encourage them.

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