In an article published by the National Catholic Register, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson writes about a new billboard campaign by activist group, Shout Your Abortion, that appropriates God and religion to promote the practice of abortion as heavenly sanctioned, in an article titled, “Abortion Billboards are a Travesty Built on a Tragedy.” She writes,

There is a new twist in the marketing of abortion. “God’s plan includes abortion” declares a new billboard campaign along Interstate 55 running through the Midwest. The activist group “Shout Your Abortion” is sponsoring these billboards that claim God’s stamp of approval.

The co-opting of religion to justify abortion is popping up elsewhere too, including in Ohio, where there is a referendum on the ballot this November known as Issue 1, which would enshrine abortion into the state constitution and prohibit any protections for the unborn. Ads running across Ohio are promoting abortion as a tenet of faith. One from the group behind Issue 1 begins with a montage of video clips that include a man kneeling in a Catholic church with his hands folded in prayer.

“When we face personal medical decisions,” the female narrator says, “we depend on our doctors, our faith, our family …” The shot of the prayerful man in a pew flashes on the words “our faith.” And because political ads are never known for their subtlety, an image of the Divine Mercy of Christ is in the background.

This bold attempt to enlist religion in defense of abortion is a far cry from previous, more humble, abortion slogans. Once upon a time, the pro-choice mantra was that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” Regrettable perhaps, but having the choice was said to be necessary. This more nuanced refrain gave way over time to the notion of abortion as a positive good, an exercise in freedom, even an act of empowerment. But now the abortion lobby is peddling the nonsensical notion that abortion — not just abortion rights, mind you, but abortion itself — is actually part of God’s plan.

To sell abortion as part of “God’s plan” is a travesty built on the tragedy of abortion. And it’s a lie, draped over the beautiful truth of God’s plan for humanity.


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