A recent article, written by TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, explains why Planned Parenthood may be fighting a losing battle for money. We have been given more reasons than we need to finally redirect federal and state tax subsidies away from the abortion giant.

Another undercover video from the Center for Medical Progress showed their doctors and executives speaking way too frankly at an industry meeting. Though the video was available online for only 24 hours before it was taken down, news reports are doing enough damage to the already-tarnished reputation of the corporation. But undercover videos like these indicate to the American public that their money might be better spent elsewhere.

Planned Parenthood’s position as the country’s largest abortion provider (more than 300,000 per year) has long been a cause of concern for pro-life Americans. While the corporation is not technically allowed to use the over-half-a-billion dollars they receive in federal and state monies to perform abortions, many understand that the money is fungible—for instance paying the salaries of doctors who perform pap-smears and abortions.

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