1. More than 220 people sue on Guam alleging clergy sex abuse.

By Michael Biesecker, The Associated Press, August 8, 2019, 6:00 AM

More than 220 former altar boys, students and Boy Scouts are now suing the U.S. territory’s Catholic archdiocese over sexual assaults by 35 clergy, teachers and scoutmasters, hoping to finally see justice. The archdiocese filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, estimating at least $45 million in liabilities, and survivors have until Aug. 15 to file for a financial settlement.

Thousands of pages of court documents reviewed by The Associated Press, along with extensive interviews, tell a story of systemic abuse going back to the 1950s and of repeated collusion by predator priests. Seven men have publicly accused Apuron of sexual assaults they endured as children, including his own nephew.


2. Why the attacks on kosher practices must stop, Courts should rule in favor of religious liberty.

By Stephanie N. Taub and Netanel Louie, The Washington Times, August 8, 2019, Pg. B4, Opinion

Since 2015, an anti-Kapparot activist has brought lawsuit after lawsuit — losing every time — targeting the kosher practices of small, Orthodox Jewish communities in Southern California. These lawsuits — similar to others filed in the New York City area — are all aimed at shutting down an ancient religious ritual that takes place in the days leading up to one of the most holy days on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur.

In a time when anti-Semitic rhetoric and activity is on the rise, ensuring that we understand and respect the religious traditions of all faiths, particularly that of our Jewish brothers and sisters, is paramount.

 These attacks on kosher practices must stop. As incidents of anti-Semitism increase, including violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters, Americans must work together to protect the ability of the Orthodox Jewish community to maintain the traditions that are essential to their flourishing in America.

The courts should continue to rule in favor of religious liberty and against these unrelenting legal attacks on a minority faith group. It’s time to let this community worship in peace.


3. Nigeria diocese facing Islamic militia attacks says, ‘Enough is Enough!’

By John L. Allen Jr., Editor, Crux, August 8, 2019

An embattled Catholic diocese in southeastern Nigeria facing a mounting wave of violent attacks from Islamic militias has declared “enough is enough,” demanding that “bad” members of the largely Muslim Fulani tribe be “flushed out” of the area and that local self-protection groups be armed to provide their own security.

Bishop Callistus Onaga of Enugu released the statement Sunday in conjunction with a Mass “for peace and security” following the murder of Father Paul Offu last week, with most Catholics holding Fulani herders responsible even though a professional association largely composed of Fulani members has denied that they were involved.


4. Future of Iraqi Christians ‘hangs in the balance,’ local says.

By Elise Harris, Crux, August 8, 2019

Five years after ISIS forces stormed Christian villages in Northern Iraq, forcing thousands to flee overnight, the militants have been suppressed, but the situation of Christians remains precarious and, according to one local, their future in Iraq is still at risk.

“Much of the future for Christians in Nineveh hangs in the balance in the coming weeks pending clarity as to whether the Hashd militias will actually withdraw, as had been formally requested by Baghdad, or if the Iraqi government will back down and allow the Hashd units in Nineveh to stay and continue to exercise their control over the region,” Steve Rasche told Crux.

“If the latter,” he said, “it is a very bleak prospect for the Christians there.”


5. Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today.

By Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review – The Corner, August 7, 2019, 4:21 PM

6. The Catholic Association files at the Supreme Court on behalf of Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia in their fight to help foster children there


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