TCA Podcast, – “Conversations with Consequences,” Episode 90 – Mallory Quigley Talks Georgia & Mary Hasson On Future Of Religious Freedom
Dr. Grazie Christie & Maureen Ferguson talk the fate of the pro-life movement given the results of the Georgia runoff Senate races with Mallory Quigley of the Susan B. Anthony List plus Mary Hasson joins with a review of religious freedom given the advances these past four years–and what we might expect with the incoming Biden/Harris Administration. Father Roger Landry also offers an inspiring homily as we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Catch the show every Saturday on EWTN radio at 7am ET with an encore at 5pm ET.
1. Pope Francis appoints first lay head of Roman Curia’s disciplinary commission, By Catholic News Agency, January 8, 2020, 5:20 AM
Pope Francis appointed on Friday the first lay head of the Roman Curia’s disciplinary commission.
The Holy See press office announced on Jan. 8 that the pope had named Vincenzo Buonomo, rector of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, as president of the Disciplinary Commission of the Roman Curia.
Buonomo succeeds the Italian Bishop Giorgio Corbellini, who served in the role from 2010 until his death on Nov. 13, 2019.
The commission, founded in 1981, is the main disciplinary body within the curia, the administrative apparatus of the Holy See. It is responsible for determining sanctions against curial employees accused of misconduct, ranging from suspension to dismissal.
2. Australian agency reviewing data on Vatican money transfers, By Nicole Winfield, Associated Press, January 7, 2020
The Australian government’s financial intelligence agency said Thursday it is reviewing its data after questions were raised about its report that $1.8 billion were transferred from the Vatican to Australia over six years.
The agency, Austrac, said it was working with the Vatican to get to the bottom of the matter. The Vatican confirmed it was in contact with Austrac regarding “an examination of the data that it (Austrac) provided in recent days.”
Austrac listed the annual transactions since 2014 in response to a parliamentary inquiry without providing any details about senders or recipients. The agency monitors financial transactions to identify money laundering, organized crime, tax evasion, welfare fraud and terrorism financing.
The data raised eyebrows in Australia and the Holy See, given the number of transfers and amounts that appeared to be greatly out of line with the Vatican’s financial reality. It also fueled media speculation that money from the Holy See helped influence the Australian criminal prosecution of Cardinal George Pell, who was convicted and then acquitted of historic sex abuse.
3. If Biden is to heal America, he’ll need his Church, By John L. Allen Jr., Crux, January 7, 2021, Opinion
If Biden is to govern, he’ll need to find a way to begin putting the pieces back together, and drawing on the resources of the Catholic Church may be among his better options.
Let’s not underestimate the magnitude of the challenge.

To begin with, Catholicism is the lone major religious group in America where both sides of the nation’s political divide are roughly evenly represented. Overall, exit polls from the November election show that Catholics were almost evenly split between Biden and Trump, and those realities are readily apparent on Catholic social media platforms as well as traditional Catholic media outlets.
On a personal level, I’ve got American Catholic friends who are passionate Trump supporters and friends who are equally fervid critics, and both groups are composed of people with great minds and even better hearts. We live in a polarized world, and these friends of mine are certainly capable of looking on the other side with skepticism and even derision, but that’s them at their worst, not their best.
Imagine if the Catholic Church in America took on as a national pastoral priority to promote a campaign of healing – not “dialogue,” in the sense of fostering political debate, but the pursuit of friendship across tribal lines. Catholics are one-quarter of the national population, and when Catholicism in America moves with unity and purpose, the cultural landscape can shift.

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