1. Catholic politicians scrutinized as Biden heads to Vatican, By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times, June 16, 2021, Pg. A2
Catholic public officials who oppose church teachings of the Catholic Church create confusion and disunity and should not present themselves for communion according to a poll released Tuesday by Catholic Vote, a national faith-based organization based in Wisconsin.

The new poll found that 83% of Catholics who regularly attend mass believe Catholic public officials who oppose essential church teachings create “confusion and disunity” among the churchgoers. It also revealed that 74% of Catholics say these public officials should not present themselves for communion — while 72% agreed that bishops should address such complex matters.

“Catholic politicians who advocate for policies considered ‘gravely immoral’ create confusion and discord among believers,” said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, in a statement.

“Catholics’ concern about the flouting of Catholic social teaching by public leaders is less about politics and more about the integrity of the faith, along with reverence and respect due the Holy Eucharist,” Mr. Burch said.

“This polling data should bolster the confidence of Catholic bishops as they prepare to discuss how to recover an understanding of the beauty and richness of the sacrament — among all Catholics. The data is very clear: Bishops have an obligation to act,” Mr. Burch noted.
2. Biden’s communion issue is not just a Catholic problem. Hypocrisy is one-size-fits-all, By Kristan Hawkins and Kristi Hamrick, The Washington Times, June 16, 2021, Pg. B4, Opinion
Hypocrisy is a problem for more than Catholic politicians when it comes to the issue of abortion, but the divide between what the Catholic Church teaches and the actions of those who claim to be faithful followers will create worldwide headlines this month.
This week, the U.S. Catholic Bishops Committee on Doctrine opens a conversation on what to do about those who say one thing and do another, not once, but day in and day out and with taxpayer funding.

Catholic leadership delayed having this conversation until after the election, but it should be delayed no longer. The pro-life laity — ordinary people who worship and participate in the life of a church — are looking for clarity from the church in line with the scriptures that articulates the eternal worth of each life.
Kristan Hawkins, a committed Catholic, is president of Students for Life of America.
Kristi Stone Hamrick, a life-long Protestant and the daughter and granddaughter of ministers, is chief media and policy strategist of Students for Life of America/ SFLAction.
3. Wealthy donors pour millions into anti-religious freedom efforts, as Catholic adoption agency ruling looms, By Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency, June 16, 2021, 3:01 AM
Grant listings from wealthy philanthropies and strategic political donor networks show that millions of dollars continue to pour into advocacy groups and other NGOs opposed to broad religious freedom protections.
The funding comes as the Supreme Court is set to decide whether local anti-discrimination ordinances can effectively close Catholic adoption agencies, and as Congress considers a far-reaching LGBT anti-discrimination bill.

The Massachusetts-based Proteus Fund’s Rights, Faith and Democracy Collaborative, launched in 2017, is a central hub for funding for those who say religious freedom conflicts with their vision of reproductive health or LGBT causes. Since 2018, the collaborative has given $3.8 million in grants to advance a narrow understanding of religious freedom, mainly for groups in Georgia, Minnesota, and New Mexico.
4. Louisiana will give child victims more time to file lawsuits, By Associated Press, June 15, 2021, Pg. A21, Opinion
Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed legislation removing deadlines for Louisiana’s child sex abuse victims to pursue damages in civil court, delivering a victory to survivors of abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy.
The new law, taking effect Aug. 1, will create a three-year window where all unresolved child molestation claims can be pursued in civil court, according to The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate. Until now, child sex abuse victims had until their 28th birthday to initiate litigation over their abuse.
5. Pope Francis: Coronavirus recovery must have true vision for humanity, By Catholic News Agency, June 15, 2021, 4:40 PM
Rebuilding after the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to confront the failures of the past, including failures towards God and neighbor, Pope Francis has said in a message to world leaders gathered in Bratislava.
At the same time, he said, recovery efforts must seek true equality and development for all peoples while rejecting false visions for humanity.
6. Journalists funded by Planned Parenthood create ‘black list’ of Argentine pro-lifers, By Diego Lopez Marina, Catholic News Agency, June 15, 2021, 12:50 PM
On Sunday a group of journalists from Argentina, financed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, published a “black list” with people, political parties, and organizations that are for the most part pro-life.
The group of journalists posted on its “Conservative Reaction” website the photographs, biographies, and political affiliation of each of the almost 400 names that make up the list, many of whom oppose the new abortion law enacted in Argentina in December 2020, and also gender ideology.

The website went live June 13, but was inaccessible as of June 14.
The takedown of the site coincides with the pushback it received on social media and in public opinion. On Twitter, the hashtag #LaGestapoArgentina began to go viral.
7. Cardinal Cupich: A world without nuclear weapons is ‘not some utopian dream’, By Catholic News Agency, June 15, 2021, 11:08 AM
Ahead of important international meetings this week, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago urged President Joe Biden and other world leaders to work for “a world without nuclear weapons” as a “moral necessity.”
Cardinal Cupich wrote an op-ed published in The Hill on June 11, before Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet on June 16 in Geneva. American and Russian diplomats are expected to begin negotiations on eventually replacing the 2010 New START nuclear arms control treaty, according to Politico. The two nations each control around 6,000 nuclear weapons each – about 90% of the world’s total stockpile.
Cupich wrote that at Thursday’s summit between Biden and Putin, “top on the agenda should be establishing a climate in which the Review Conference can succeed in reducing the nuclear threat.” He argued that the moment “could not be more urgent.”

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