1. Pope John Paul I Is Closer to Sainthood, By Francis X. Rocca, The Wall Street Journal, October 14, 2021, Pg. A11

Pope Francis on Wednesday approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope John Paul I, who reigned for only 33 days in 1978. The decision clears the way for the late pontiff’s beatification, the Catholic Church’s highest honor short of sainthood.

The Vatican didn’t immediately announce a date or place for the ceremony of beatification, but previous beatifications of popes have been performed by the reigning pontiff at the Vatican.


2. Judge blocks Baltimore from banning Catholic group’s prayer rally, By Michael Kunzelman, Associated PressOctober 13, 2021

Baltimore city officials can’t ban a conservative Roman Catholic media outlet from holding a prayer rally at a city-owned pavilion during a U.S. bishops’ meeting next month, a federal judge has ruled, saying the First Amendment right to free speech is “at the heart of this case.”

U.S. District Judge Ellen Hollander ruled late Tuesday that St. Michael’s Media Inc., also known as Church Militant, is likely to succeed on its claims that the city discriminated against it on the basis of its political views and violated its free speech rights.

The judge’s order says city officials can’t prohibit the pavilion’s manager from contracting with Michigan-based St. Michael’s Media to use the venue for a rally and conference it plans to hold on Nov. 16.

But the judge refused to set any court-ordered contractual terms for a rally. Hollander’s order said she “anticipates good faith negotiations, but expresses no opinion on the terms of a contract.”


3. Italian court lifts Torzi restrictions in setback for Vatican prosecutors, By The Pillar, October 13, 2021

Italy’s highest appeals court has lifted court-ordered financial restrictions on Gianluigi Torzi, the broker at the center of the Vatican financial scandal, according to the businessman’s lawyers.

The Oct. 13 decision is believed to have unfrozen some of Torzi’s assets, and lifted restrictions on Torzi’s business activities. While the Associated Press said Wednesday the lifting of the order includes cancelling a warrant for Torzi’s arrest, Torzi’s attorney did not indicate the extent of the order.


4. Broglio: Troop vaccine mandate is matter of conscience, By The Pillar, October 13, 2021

The archbishop responsible for Catholics serving in the U.S. military, said Tuesday that no one can be compelled to receive a coronavirus vaccine against their conscience, and that denying troops religious exemptions to the vaccine could be “contrary to federal law and morally reprehensible.”

The archbishop’s statement is likely to fuel a growing controversy in the military over the vaccine mandates, especially after an August decision by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin required vaccination among all service personnel.


5. Bishop praises Biden administration efforts on refugee admissions, By Rhina Guidos, Crux, October 13, 2021

The chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration Oct. 11 praised a plan by President Joe Biden to raise the refugee cap to 125,000 for fiscal year 2022.

“The last few years have had a devastating impact on refugee resettlement, all while we witness the greatest forced migration crises in decades,” said Auxiliary Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville of Washington.

He said the bishops “commend the (Biden) administration for seeking to reassert American leadership in this area, and we look forward to continued action in support of this goal.”

“We also urge Congress to provide the resources necessary to not only rebuild the Refugee Admissions Program but sustain it for the next four decades and beyond,” he added.


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