Conversations with Consequences
Conversations with Consequences
Ep. 10 – The eugenics of abortion, with Gloria Purvis and Carter Snead

Is abortion good for minority women and minority communities? Is it possible to be a woman of color and be pro-life? “Big Abortion” is patently racist, from its inception by the infamous eugenicist Margaret Sanger to today, with most Planned Parenthood clinics located in minority neighborhoods. Today’s guests Gloria Purvis and Notre Dame Professor Carter Snead, along with the Catholic Association’s Grazie Christie and Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, discuss the eugenic history and present of abortion. We also discuss: Does abortion make our society less respectful of the disabled? We examine a well-written opinion of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a recent case involving selective abortion, Box v. Planned Parenthood, where he laid out the long and sordid history of Planned Parenthood and its decades-long attack on children of color.

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