Conversations with Consequences
Ep. 54 Anne Schlafly Cori on Mrs. America and Lori Windham Discusses Little Sisters of the Poor!

On this week’s Conversations with Consequences, Dr. Grazie Christie is joined by TCA colleagues Andrea Picciotti-Bayer and Ashley McGuire to discuss the realities of homeschooling amid this coronavirus pandemic. Anne Schlafly Cori also joins to discuss the new Hulu miniseries that plays fast and loose with her mother’s life, Mrs. America. Anne sets the record straight on the amazing work her mother forged in defeating the ERA and how this battle still continues today. With the Little Sisters of the Poor heading back to the Supreme Court in an historic telephonic argument in the age of the coronavirus, Lori Windham, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund, joins with the latest on the case and how this long battle might ultimately end for the Little Sisters who work selflessly for the elderly and those most in need. Stay tuned til the end for an inspiring homily from Father Roger Landry and make sure to tune in every Saturday at 5pm ET on EWTN radio!