Conversations with Consequences
Ep. 80 Kristina Arriaga & Christine Pratt on Religious Freedom in the Era of COVID

Dr. Grazie Christie discusses the realities of religious freedom during the coronavirus pandemic with the former Vice Chair for U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Kristina Arriaga & Christine Pratt, currently serving the Department of Health and Human Services within the Office of Civil Rights. As Senior Advisor for Conscience and Religious Freedom, she has been very active in rectifying some of the real problems facing Catholics that have been denied the Sacraments during the COVID lockdown. We focus on what’s being done and what we can all do to protect our First Amendment rights. Father Roger Landry also offers a glimpse into the life of Knights of Columbus founder Father Michael McGivney who will be beatified this weekend–make sure to tune in every Saturday at 5pmET on EWTN radio!