A new survey by a liberal polling firm is bad news for Wendy Davis, the Democratic would-be governor of Texas who rose to national prominence after filibustering a bill to restrict abortions in the state.

Although Davis promotes herself proudly as a candidate who cares about “women’s issues” – a euphemism for legalized abortion-on-demand, or as the Davis team describes it, “expanding access to women’s health care” – it seems women in Texas aren’t interested in what she’s selling.  According to Public Policy Polling, 46 percent of Texas women view Davis “unfavorably,” and she trails behind Republican competitor Greg Abbott by nearly ten points among women, with 11 percent of women still undecided.

“Women get exhausted with women candidates who say they are pro-woman and then run on issues that real women don’t say are most important to them,” said Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway in an interview with The Daily Caller.  Conway argued that Davis’ unpopularity within her own sex is a sign that the Democrats’ “war on women” messaging has failed.

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