In an article published by Washington Examiner, TCA’s Grazie Pozo Christie discusses the state of California’s wrongful discouragement for the abortion pill reversal and its bias towards women having an abortion in her article titled “Abortion advocates are ‘pro-choice’ if that choice is abortion.” She writes:

Pregnancy care centers in California , of which there are 176, are a great thorn in the side of the “pro-choice” state. These centers , most staffed on a volunteer basis by people of faith, give expectant mothers who want to bear their children free help along the way. But California is not pro-choice when it comes to these centers.

In 2018, the state passed the FACT Act, which required pregnancy care centers to advertise the services of abortion clinics with a government-drafted script. This law was sensibly struck down by the Supreme Court for violating the First Amendment’s protection of free speech. Last month, the state was at it again. California’s attorney general sued five pregnancy care centers for promoting abortion pill reversal, a procedure offered to mothers who change their minds after starting a chemical abortion and decide to try to rescue their child.

The state claims that progesterone, the drug used in the procedure, is not safe or effective. In fact, neither of these assertions is true. Food and Drug Administration-approved progesterone has been used for over 50 years to treat women in danger of miscarrying, and studies have shown statistically significant positive results, with more women carrying to term than those given a placebo. In fact, progesterone is naturally present in pregnant women and has not been shown to cause any significant harm when used as an intervention.

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