There will be another giant march in D.C. today, but this rally won’t be in opposition to our new president. The nearly half a million people are expected to attend what is the largest annual civil rights demonstration – the March for Life. They gather with a new-found hope: that there is an ally in the White House.


A presidential election that seemed poised to fall into the lap of a Democratic Party with an unapologetic pro-abortion rights platform instead has gone to President Trump. He showed signs throughout his campaign and during the transition period that on this social justice issue, his stance may be more in line with the majority of Americans than that of Clinton and her party. According to a Marist poll sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, 6 in 10 Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong.


With one of his first actions as president – reinstating the Mexico City policy – Trump has already started fulfilling the people’s wishes. Below are four ways he is expected to continue moving the dial on the issue.

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