Statement from Maureen Ferguson, Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association:
“Judge Barrett is a brilliant and esteemed constitutional scholar who is admired as much for her magnanimous heart as for her intelligence. In the hearings, Americans will get to know an extraordinary woman: a principled and independent judge, a loving mother. She is a professional woman of the highest caliber, and Democrats in the upcoming hearings would do well to recognize her legal accomplishments and examine her record fairly, rather than attack her faith as they did during her confirmation to the 7th Circuit.”

Statement from Ashley McGuire, Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association:
“Judge Amy Coney Barrett is an extraordinarily accomplished woman who deserves an expeditious vote in the Senate. She has a record of fairness and independence and will defend the Constitution and our rights. President Trump has once again fulfilled his promise to the American people. Democrats should give her a fair hearing and refrain from the bigoted attacks on her faith they employed against her before.”

Statement from Dr. Grazie Christie, Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association:
“By choosing Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump will nominate someone to the Supreme Court who will be, like her predecessor, a model and an inspiration to American women for decades to come. She is brilliant, accomplished, and committed to interpreting the text of the Constitution as written. Her stellar record calls for a speedy and fair hearing. Democrat Senators must put aside the religious bigotry they have shown in the past.”