In an article published by National Review, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Christie commends this year’s theme for the March for Life. She writes:

“Equality is on everyone’s minds these days, and for good reason. We are a prosperous nation — wildly so by world-historical standards — yet opportunities to flourish escape too many Americans. As a nation, we are working to change this hard reality, and as a physician, I’m happy about that, because many of my patients are marginalized and left behind. For many decades, the laudable effort to repair our tattered social fabric has ignored a group of people who are arguably the most powerless. I’m referring to my youngest and most vulnerable patients: unborn babies.

This is why I am so pleased with the theme of this year’s March for Life in Washington, D.C.: Equality begins in the womb.

The Supreme Court justices five decades ago never had a chance to see what I now see routinely. They never had the chance to see what most Americans see today: the treasured black-and-white images that announce a baby on the way for expectant parents and grandparents, friends, and loved ones.

My field, fetal ultrasound, has won American hearts and minds to the humanity of the unborn. Science has spoken in favor of my little patients. My vulnerable, voiceless patients have too often been dehumanized, marginalized, and abandoned. They’ve been called “blobs of cells” and mere “products of conception.” What does the no-longer mysterious, patently obvious humanity of my patients demand? Our solidarity and compassion. Equality. Protection from the brutal segregation of the wanted from the unwanted. And, at long last, an end to Roe v. Wade.”

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