The Catholic Association has released the following statement:

“The FDA put women’s lives in grave danger when it eliminated basic safety standards for abortion drugs. An ultrasound is the only sure way to rule out ectopic pregnancy and other life-threatening complications associated with these high-risk drugs. But the abortion drug mifepristone is now being recklessly distributed without any in person medical consultation and even through the mail, posing severe health threats to women. As a practicing radiologist, I see every day just how critical ultrasound is in protecting women and I am proud to file a friend of the court brief before the United States Supreme Court arguing that the FDA should immediately reinstate protections for women surrounding abortion drugs. Instead, the FDA has turned the world of chemical abortions into a wild, wild west where women can order them online or at their local CVS, with no medical consultation, and no follow up for hazardous complications. The FDA has also trampled the conscience rights of medical professionals who are being regularly conscripted into completing abortions for women who predictably suffer the many avoidable complications after taking these drugs. Catholic hospitals and countless Catholic healthcare workers provide healthcare to millions of Americans, especially low-income Americans. They and other medical professionals who object to abortion because of their faith deserve to know that they will not be forced to violate their conscience as they work to serve America’s sick.”

Read the full Amicus Brief by Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie and The Catholic Association.

Grazie Pozo Christie, M.D., is a Senior Fellow for The Catholic Association and host of the nationally syndicated radio show Conversations with Consequences.