The Senate is currently considering the Equality Act (HR5). While the legislation’s name seems innocuous, the bill’s substance masks many serious – and harmful – provisions. In Newsweek, TCA’s Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie chronicled the many reasons the Equality Act concerns her.

“As a woman and the mother of daughters, I’m shocked that the House would pass a bill that, if made law, would dismantle women-only spaces in jails, shelters, schools, and sports teams. Simply ‘identifying’ as a woman would allow any man access, no questions asked. A century of gains in women’s equality would be reversed. As a Catholic, I’m upset by the fact that the bill threatens houses of worship by expanding the definition of public accommodations. Woe to churches that maintain single-sex bathrooms and hosts a food pantry; plaintiffs’ lawyers will be lining up to harass them. As an adoptive parent, I’m saddened that faith-based agencies that place children only with married mothers and fathers will be drummed out of the business of finding homes for our hardest-to-place children. The Equality Act explicitly circumvents provisions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which were designed to protect religious minorities and ensure religious freedom for all.”