In an article published by Newsweek, TCA’s Maureen Ferguson reveals the uncomfortable truth about the D.C abortion photos. She writes:

“Sometimes it’s because images are hard to look at that we feel compelled to view them.

So it is with the images of the five nearly full-term aborted babies recently surrendered to Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. The babies in the photographs allegedly came out with the medical waste from a late-term abortion clinic in the nation’s capital. The photographs are unsettling in the extreme—little boys and girls, far along in their development and their bodies mostly intact, all of them not simply dead but killed. It’s not a coincidence that the police department’s homicide unit took custody of the five little bodies.

Naturally, we want to look away because the photos are ghastly, but even more so because we don’t want our hearts to break. But when we look away, it enables the barbarity to continue behind the clinic doors. In the comparable case of notorious late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia, officials looked the other way for 17 years. Gosnell performed thousands of abortions, delivering many infants alive and “snipping” the backs of their necks to sever the spinal cord. Gosnell’s technique only came to light during a drug bust at his clinic, because he also dealt in illegal prescription drugs.

The photographs of the late-term babies allegedly aborted at D.C.’s Washington-Surgi Clinic are eerily similar to the images of Gosnell’s victims. Medical experts told pro-life group Live Action that the babies appeared old enough to survive outside the womb, raising the question of whether they had been born alive. D.C. police seem to be looking the other way, however, declining to do autopsies to determine cause of death. Sixty-nine members of Congress have written to the FBI requesting an investigation, since local detectives have demonstrated such a strange lack of curiosity.

The abortion right created by Roe has always been based on subtle, soothing and slippery lies. It’s not really a baby. We don’t know when life begins. The baby isn’t viable. It’s not really violent. It’s not really painful. Women can’t succeed without abortion.

These new images of abortion victims—like those of civilians targeted in Ukraine or the last minutes of George Floyd’s life—challenge us to see through the lies. The abortion industry wants us to look away. But the faces of those five babies, and the thought of their wounded and exploited mothers, are five of the most powerful reasons to overturn Roe.”

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