Senior Fellow Ashley McGuire wrote in defense of EWTN in an article for National Review.

She highlighted the network’s crucial role in spreading the faith in modern times.

“Arguably no entity has done more to bring Catholicism into the 21st century than EWTN,” Ashley wrote. “And despite the criticism that the network has some kind of hang-up with Vatican II, no entity has done more to make the Church accessible to people through modern media.”

She also argued that EWTN has promoted women’s voices in the Church—a cause promoted by Pope Francis.

“Perhaps even more noteworthy, however, is how the network answered one of the most pressing calls of our current pontiff: to elevate the voices of Catholic women in the Church.”

EWTN, Ashley concluded, “offers those at the ends of the earth the chance to glimpse Rome, gives the busy an easy way to pray, offers those shut in a way to see Mass, and makes a Catholic girl proud of her faith.”