The pandemic has created major educational challenges, but Catholic schools have been leading the way with safe in-person learning. In the Washington Times Senior Fellow Ashley McGuire discussed how Catholic schools are the model of safe reopening. “Catholic schools in all 50 states opened this fall for in-person learning where the local government officials would allow it. And where they would not, parochial schools fought hard for the right to open.” She decried how teachers’ unions have exploited the crisis: “Meanwhile, teachers’ unions have taken the opposite approach. They’ve fought every effort to get kids back in school and continually moved the goalposts, despite the facts, science and the increasingly loud and unified voice of the scientific and medical community arguing that kids belong in school.”

On EWTN’s News in Depth Ashley shared her own personal experience with Catholic schools’ courageous approach to learning during the pandemic.

The National Catholic Register highlighted Grazie’s role in pioneering classical Catholic education programs. The effects of the pandemic on education have parents like Grazie all the more determined to press forward with innovative approaches to introducing students to a classical education.