The 100-day mark of the Biden presidency offers a moment of reflection. Unfortunately, he has only worsened division, and unity seems as elusive as ever. In National Review Grazie explained how the Biden administration’s radical politics, be it reversing the pro-life Mexico City Policy to supporting legislation that would cement gender ideology, have further divided the country. “These first 100 days have dashed my hopes, and those of other Catholics once moved by calls to unity and the image of a well-thumbed rosary in an old man’s hand.”

Speaking to Catholic News Agency, Grazie expressed her dismay at President Biden’s hostility to Catholic teaching in public policy. “The President’s decision to present himself as a devout Catholic, while simultaneously advancing an agenda openly hostile to foundational church teachings from his unique position of power, creates confusion and division.” She went on Fox & Friends to discuss the Biden administration’s transgender mandate and the threat it poses to the conscience rights of healthcare workers.