Hillary Clinton has adopted the most radical pro-abortion platform of any major nominee in history. And she is proud of it. Under a Hillary Clinton presidency…

Whether you support abortion or not, you will be paying for it. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she wants to repeal the widely supported Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of federal taxpayer dollars for abortion.

If you own a company and provide your employees with health insurance you will have to cover things like abortifacients and other drugs and devices that violate your beliefs. Hillary Clinton called the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, which upheld the rights of small business owners to operate their companies in accordance with their beliefs, “deeply disturbing.”

If you are a nurse or doctor, you will have to participate in abortion or lose your job. Hillary Clinton supports the efforts of groups like the ACLU to try to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

If you work for a Catholic charity your organization will be forced into complicity with abortion and life ending drugs. Hillary Clinton has promised to nominate to the Supreme Court justices who would impose her radical ideological agenda – and strip away any protections for the unborn and the conscience rights of all of us.


  • Hillary Clinton supports partial birth abortion, opposes the 20-week ban (which she called “dangerous”), and received Planned Parenthood’s highest honor. Make no mistake; Hillary Clinton is no moderate on abortion.
  • But there’s more. Her party, which has been called the “party of death,” increasingly supports bills that would make doctor-prescribed suicide legal.
  • Are you proud of your faith’s pro-life position that defends the right to life for every human person, from conception until natural death? Here’s what Hillary Clinton has to say about your faith: “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” – Hillary Clinton regarding abortion, April 23, 2015, Women in the World Summit.