Hillary Clinton has made her disdain for religious liberty plain and clear:

  • When the Supreme Court upheld religious liberty for business owners in the Hobby Lobby case, Hillary Clinton called it “deeply disturbing.”
  • When the Supreme Court said that Christian colleges like Wheaton College and the University of Notre Dame Notre shouldn’t have to violate the very beliefs they teach their students, Hillary Clinton said she was “bewildered and confused.”
  • When it comes to religious beliefs on important life issues like abortion, Hillary Clinton said, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Under a Hillary Clinton presidency…

  • Priests and pastors will be silenced
  • The conscience rights of everyday Americans will disappear
  • Nurses, doctors, and pharmacists will be told they must do things that violate their beliefs or lose their jobs
  • Teachers will be told what they can and cannot teach
  • Churches and their charities will continue to face ideological harassment
Hillary Clinton’s party has repeatedly and aggressively tried to force people of faith into doing things that violate their beliefs, be it forcing pro-life Christian pharmacists to dispense abortion drugs or shutting down Catholic adoption agencies over their beliefs about marriage and family. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that those extreme, anti-faith priorities will be her own. In Hillary Clinton’s America, Catholic soup kitchens, hospitals, and inner-city schools aren’t exempt from left-wing radical ideologies: they are the targets.