In an article published by USA Today, TCA’s Ashley McGuire recounts this year’s March for Life. She writes:

“The 2022 March for Life was different than the 48 that preceded it. This year, we marched on the brink of a post-Roe world.

That’s cause for histrionics among abortion-rights advocates. But for March for Life supporters, it’s cause for a calm and steadfast seriousness.

The end of Roe is hardly the end of our work as a movement. Rather, it’s a critical marker in our efforts to build up a culture where women flourish freed from the death tax of abortion.

The first March for Life, held the year after Roe v. Wade, drew about 20,000 people. Now the crowds are estimated to have grown at least tenfold. Every year the press dings the march by issuing some variation on the headline, “Thousands attend anti-abortion rally.” But everyone knows the truth; the movement has ballooned, in size and savvy, in the decades that have passed since abortion became legal.

Overturning Roe would restore the right of the people to have a say in the laws governing and regulating abortion. But building a society in which mothers flourish is a much larger project, one that demands a new radicalism that celebrates and protects what makes women different.

Equality begins in the womb, as the theme of this year’s March for Life attests. But defending the womb safeguards equality between the sexes.

Our movement has been hard at work tilling the soil of a society where women can thrive as women, rather than as imitations of men built on the broken bones of our babies.

We march knowing full well that that work doesn’t end with Roe. Rather, it begins anew.”


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