Oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the most important abortion case to come before the Supreme Court in decades, are set for December 1st, and the national debate over abortion has reached a fever pitch. Two members of The Catholic Association, Senior Fellow Maureen Ferguson and Policy Advisor Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie joined the debate on the national stage.

In an article published in USA TODAY, Maureen argues that abortion is a “relic of the past” and wholly unnecessary for women to flourish in society today. Maureen cites the “mountains of evidence” which show that “women’s social and economic advancement over the past decades has not been dependent upon abortion access.”

“Progress requires us to update our laws to reflect what we know in our hearts to be true about the flourishing of human persons, both mother and child,” she writes.

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Grazie writes about her experience as a diagnostic radiologist and how far modern science has advanced since Roe v. Wade, allowing doctors to see the full humanity of the unborn child with exquisite detail.

“A healthy baby at 15 weeks is an active baby…kicking and arm-waving are commonly seen during ultrasound evaluations,” she writes. “The fetal spine is a marvel of intricacy, and it is most often gently curved as the fetus rests against the mother’s uterine wall. These are the patients I encounter daily in my work as a radiologist. Clearly human, clearly alive, no longer mysteriously hidden from the eyes and knowledge of man.”

Grazie’s arguments were picked up by a range of other outlets from the Washington Examiner to National Review to Real Clear Politics.